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  • The EU Law of Competition

    Stéphane Rodrigues  N° 4-2014 pp. 284-288

    Fully updated in this third edition, the work includes full coverage of the latest legislation, case law and guidance, giving competition lawyers a comprehensive commentary on recent developments. It includes new material on industries of growing importance in the competition field, including (...)
  • European State Aid Law and Policy, Conor QUIGLEY

    Stéphane Rodrigues  N° 4-2014 pp. 284-288

    This section selects books on themes related to competition laws and economics. This compilation does not attempt to be exhaustive but rather a survey of themes important in the area. The survey usually covers publication over the last three months after publication of the latest issue of (...)
  • Competition Law and Policy in the EU and UK

    Stéphane Rodrigues  N° 4-2014 pp. 284-288

    Competition Law and Policy in the EU and UK provides a focused guide to the main provisions and policies at issue in the EU and UK, including topics such as enforcement, abuse of dominance, anti-competitive agreements, cartels, mergers, and market investigations. The book’s contents are (...)
  • The Evolution of China’s Anti-Monopoly Law

    Stéphane Rodrigues  N° 4-2014 pp. 284-288

    China’s Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) is one of the youngest and most influential antitrust laws in the world today. This book aims to provide a better understanding of the evolution of China’s AML to the international community, through a collection of essays from the most prominent antitrust scholar (...)
  • Disciplina antitrust e illecito civile

    Riccardo Sciaudone  N° 3-2014 pp. 243-249

    European competition law can be enforced by both public authorities (European Commission, national competition authorities) and private parties (competitors, suppliers, consumers). In recent years, much attention has been given to private enforcement of competition law, and much has been (...)
  • European Merger Remedies - Law and Policy

    Athanase Popov  N° 3-2014 pp. 243-249

    As merger transactions become more complex, so do the remedies involved. This book seeks to identify and examine the most important aspects of merger remedies, which have emerged and evolved in the European Commission’s policy and practice over the past 20 years. The in-depth analysis of (...)
  • Competition Law and Policy in Japan and the EU

    Stéphane Rodrigues  N° 3-2014 pp. 243-249

    This exciting new book embarks on a comparative analysis of competition law and policy in Japan and the EU. It provides a clear and carefully researched exposition of the differences between the relevant rules, systems and underlying ideas of the two jurisdictions, together with the relevant (...)
  • Competition Damages Actions in the EU

    Josselin Lucas  N° 2-2014 pp. 246-247

    Competition Damages Actions in the EU offers a clear and concise analysis of the latest case law, legislation and policy documentation in the field of damages actions for breach of EU competition law. Highly topical, the authors explore the problems of indirect purchaser standing and (...)
  • Day-to-Day Competition Law: A Practical Guide for Businesses

    David Leys  N° 2-2014 pp. 248-249

    Companies today must consider and comply with competition law in their daily business management. The financial and reputational risks for breaching such rules are severe and the success of many merger and acquisition projects depends very much on it. While competition law rules become (...)
  • EU Competition Law: Between Public and Private Enforcement

    David Leys  N° 2-2014 p. 252

    Despite several decades’ worth of explicit directives, green papers, white papers, proposals, and communications from the European Commission, the actual enforcement of competition law across the Member States today is rife with shifting patterns that escape a clearly bounded framework. The (...)
  • Competition Law in Singapore

    David Leys  N° 2-2014 p. 251

    Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this practical analysis of competition law and its interpretation in Singapore covers every aspect of the subject—the various forms of restrictive agreements and abuse of dominance prohibited by law and the rules on (...)
  • Regulation of the Power Sector

    Ernesto Bonafé  N° 1-2014 pp. 262-263

    Regulation of the Power Sector is a unified, consistent and comprehensive treatment of the theories and practicalities of regulation in modern power-supply systems. The need for generation to occur at the time of use occasioned by the impracticality of large-scale electricity storage coupled (...)
  • China’s Anti-Monopoly Law: The First Five Years

    David Leys  N° 1-2014 p. 264

    It probably goes without saying that anti-monopoly law and practice are of very recent vintage in China. In August 2008, 118 years after the Sherman Act and 50 years after the Treaty of Rome, China’s Anti-Monopoly Law (AML) came into effect. Since then the enforcement of the AML has seen (...)
  • Brazilian Competition Law: A Practitioner’s Guide

    David Leys  N° 1-2014 p. 264

    Once Brazil came to a clear awareness of its prodigious global economic power a few short years ago, the government quickly undertook a number of sweeping procedural reforms in its competition system that not only made the Brazilian antitrust enforcement authority a model for newer competition (...)
  • The Economics of Collusion: Cartels and Bidding Rings

    John Asker  N° 2-2013 p. 224

    Explicit collusion is an agreement among competitors to suppress rivalry that relies on interfirm communication and/or transfers. Rivalry between competitors erodes profits; the suppression of rivalry through collusion is one avenue by which firms can enhance profits. Many cartels and bidding (...)
  • Antritrust Law in Brazil: Fighting Cartels

    Christine Holland  N° 1-2012 p. 262

    This book highlights the case of Brazil, a major economic player among developing countries. In seventeen years of enforcing the Brazilian Antitrust Law, Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defence (CADE) has achieved outstanding results and has been recognized as the most effective (...)
  • A Gap in the Enforcement of Article 82, Ioannis KOKKORIS

    Sir Philip Lowe  N° 4-2009 p. 231

    The European Commission has acknowledged and respected, in Regulation 1/2003, the ability of the Member States to apply stricter rules than Article 82. There are some types of conduct that cannot be addressed by Article 82 because the undertakings involved are not dominant. One relates to (...)
  • Latin American Competition Law and Policy

    Stéphane Rodrigues  N° 4-2009 p. 231

    This book offers an unparalleled analysis of the emerging law and economics of competition policy in Latin America. Nearly all Latin American countries now have competition laws and agencies to enforce them. Yet, these laws and agencies are relatively young. The relative youth of Latin American (...)
  • Economics of European Union Law

    Stéphane Rodrigues  N° 4-2007 pp. 183-187

    Economic analysis is becoming an increasingly powerful means of illuminating the European Union legal system, both as a method of deciphering and of influencing EU policy. This important volume focuses upon this relationship between economics and EU law, elucidating both the complex and (...)


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