Pablo Asbo

Eurocompetition (Brussels)
Managing Director

Pablo Asbo is managing Director of Eurocompetition since November 2018. Pablo Asbo has over 20 years competition law and regulatory experience gained at both private sector and European Commission (DG CONNECT+DG COMP). His specialties are IT and network industries as well as competition law and regulation, mergers and acquisitions in the energy, ICT, logistics, transport industries. Pablo Asbo has given strategic advice on government and public relations with a special focus on competition law & policy. Pablo is a qualified lawyer and holds a Master’s Degree in European Law from Maastricht University (2002). He has previous experience as legal adviser with British Telecom in Brussels.


2117 Bulletin

Augustijn Van Haasteren, Cyril Hariton, Krisztian Kecsmar, Pablo Asbo, Polyvios Panayides, Raphaël De Coninck The EU Commission approves, subject to conditions, an acquisition in the Belgian electricity market (EDF / Segebel)


EDF/Segebel (SPE) - More power to boost competition in Belgian energy markets* I. Introduction In September 2009, the Commission received a notification of a proposed concentration whereby Electricité de France («EDF») would acquire from Centrica, a UK energy company, a 100% stake in Segebel (...)

Andrea Amelio, Miguel de la Mano, Pablo Asbo, Ruben Maximiano, Viktor Porubsky The EU Commission conditionally approves a merger in the baking industry after analysis of possible coordinated effects (ABF / GBI)


ABF/GBI Business: coordinated effects baked again* I. Introduction Just a few months after the Court of Justice gave a key ruling in Sony/BMG v Impala, the Commission adopted its decision in the ABF/GBI Businesscase. This was the first case since Airtoursin which the Commission intervened (...)

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