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e-Competitions Special Issue: Nullity/Voidness


Nullity/Voidness : An overview of EU and national case law
7 November 2019

1. Introduction The only sanction for infringement of the EU competition rules that is mentioned explicitly in the TFEU is the automatic nullity or voidness of agreements or decisions that infringe Article 101(1) TFEU and do not satisfy the requirements of Article 101(3). Nevertheless, there is still quite some uncertainty about the characteristics of this nullity and the impact of the nullity of a cartel agreement on contracts concluded between one of the cartelists and a downstream (...)

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Maastricht University


Guy Canivet, Frédéric Jenny, Antoine Choffel, Dimitri Dimitrov, Nicolas Charbit
Hanna Anttilainen, Eugène Buttigieg, Étienne Chantrel, Sir Jonathan Faull, Stéphane Hoynck, Colin Raftery ...
Luisa Affuso, Amelia Fletcher, Ian Forrester, Peter Freeman, Frédéric Jenny, Bill Kovacic, Colin Raftery, Sir John Vickers, Richard Whish QC (Hon) ...
Alison Jones, William E. Kovacic, Renato Nazzini, Richard Whish QC (Hon)...