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e-Competitions Special Issue: Healthcare & Competition law


Healthcare & competition law: an overview of EU and national case law
3 February 2022

Health systems across Europe have been in turmoil for the past two years as successive waves of coronavirus have sent demand for emergency care spiralling. Even when COVID is brought under control, health systems will probably take years to recover. Most countries will have large numbers of patients needing planned care whose treatment has been delayed while resources have been diverted to deal with the pandemic. Delivering this care will be further challenged in many places as a result of a global shortage of highly trained clinical staff.

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Aldwych Partners (London)
Aldwych Partners (London)

Anticompetitive practices


Unilateral Practices







Paul Nihoul, Fabienne Siredey-Garnier, Andreas Mundt, Frédéric Pradelles, Hendrik Viaene, Christian Krohs...
Yann Guthmann, Nicolas Petit, Thibault Schrepel...
Rafael Amaro, Roberto Cisotta, Nathalie Dostert, Simon Holmes, Caterina Fratea, Gabriella Muscolo, Giovanni Pitruzzella, Jacqueline Riffault-Silk, Vivien Terrien...
Alexandre Cordeiro Macedo, Noah Joshua Phillips, Küllike Jürimäe, William Kovacic, Diane Wood