About Concurrences


Concurrences is an independent legal publisher, dedicated to antitrust law and competition economics, founded in 2004 by Nicolas Charbit with the support of Prof. Frédéric Jenny and Prof. Laurence Idot. Concurrences has offices in Paris, London, and New York.

This website provides four main resources, gathered in a single database accessible to subscribers:

- Review: Over 12,000 articles (articles and case summaries)
- Bulletin: Over 18,000 articles (case summaries)
- Books: Over 40 titles (available in print and electronic versions)
- Conferences: Over 425 events (synthesis, ppt, transcripts, videos, photos)

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The website also provides valuable free-access resources:

- Glossary of Competition Terms: Over 330 keywords with links to case law
- Authors Directory: Over 3,500 antitrust experts searchable by name, institution, position, and country
- Antitrust Writing Awards: Over 100 nominated and winning-awards articles
- Antitrust Compliance Awards: Over 50 compliance initiatives from agencies, academics, corporations, law firms, and legal techs & forensics
- Calendar of Antitrust Events: Listing of all known antitrust conferences (scroll down the page)
- Search Engine: Access to results searchable by date, country, business sectors, authors, keywords, etc.

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Concurrences cultivates scholarship and discussion on antitrust issues through publications and events. Each publication and event is supervised by editorial boards and scientific or steering committees to ensure independence, objectivity, and academic excellence. Concurrences has become one of the few think tanks in Europe to have a significant influence on antitrust policies. Concurrences attracts government, business, and academic attention to a broad range of subjects relating to competition law, regulations, and industrial economics. This focus on the antitrust field allows Concurrences to combine legal expertise with political acumen.

Boards and Committees

To maintain its unique focus, Concurrences relies on highly distinguished editors, all leading experts in national or international antitrust law. Each publication has its own Scientific Committee and Editorial Board. Editors include leading voices in competition law such as: Douglas Ginsburg, Laurence Idot, Frederic Jenny, Bill Kovacic, Mario Monti, Wouter Wils, Eleanor Fox, Richard Whish. Committee and Board members play an active role in editorial policy. See e-Competitions Bulletin Committees, and Concurrences Review Committees.


A network of 3,500 authors and contributors provides Concurrences with detailed analysis of regional, national and international case law. They are all antitrust experts: enforcers, academics, private practice lawyers, or in-house counsels. The authors’ network covers a spectrum of 85 jurisdictions, making Concurrences publications a unique and truly international resource. See Authors.


Concurrences has a number of major partners:

 Academic partners: Antitrust research centers at leading universities provide the Review and the Bulletin with regular contributions. Academics from these centers are regular keynote speakers at Concurrences events.

 Law firms: International law firms and antitrust niche firms write detailed case summaries for e-Competitions. Selected contributions that meet editorial standards may be republished. These law firms partner with Concurrences for public conferences or leverage its expertise to host their own internal events. See Partners..


Since 2004, Concurrences has held more than 450 events – conferences, lunch meetings, in-house seminars, private dinners and webinars – in Brussels, Dusseldorf, London, Milan, Paris, Warsaw, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Some of these events have helped to shape antitrust policies. Most have been published. See Events..

 Annual conferences: Each year, Concurrences holds 17 international conferences:

  • Antitrust in Asia, chaired by Knut Fournier, Frédéric Jenny, Sandra Marco Colino
  • Antitrust in Emerging Countries, chaired by Harry First and Eleanor Fox
  • Antitrust in Life Sciences
  • Antitrust in the Financial Sector, chaired by Richard Taffet
  • Bill Kovacic Salon, chaired by Bill Kovacic
  • Cartels Workshop, chaired by Kyriakos Fountoukakos and Daniel Vowden
  • Competition Investigations, chaired by Laurence Idot and Nathalie Jalabert-Doury
  • Digital and Competition, chaired by Nicolas Petit
  • Distribution & Competition, chaired by Jean-Louis Fourgoux, Alexandre Lacresse and Philippe Vanni
  • Energy Community Forum, chaired by Dirk Middelschulte and Leigh Hancher
  • Global Antitrust Economics, chaired by Luis Cabral, Dan Rubinfeld and Larry White
  • Global Antitrust Hot Topics, chaired by Catriona Hatton, Matthew Levitt and Paul Lugard
  • Global Merger Control, chaired by Mélanie Thill-Tayara
  • Innovation Economics for Antitrust Lawyers, chaired by Kirsten Edwards-Warren, Alison Jones, Bill Kovacic, Renato Nazzini, Jorge Padilla, Richard Whish
  • International Mergers, chaired by Deni Mantzari
  • New Frontiers of Antitrust, chaired by Laurence Idot, Frédéric Jenny and Nicolas Petit
  • Private Enforcement, chaired by Rafael Amaro and Jacqueline Riffault-Silk

 Monthly Law & Economics Workshop and Webinar: The Law & Economics Seminar or Webinar consists of lunch talks or virtual panel discussions – 1 per month at least – with leading economic consultants and lawyers, aimed at training in-house counsels and lawyers in the fundamentals of industrial economics and current challenges in competition economics. Brussels, Paris, London and online.

 Dinners: Private dinners bring together up to 25 experts – in-house lawyers and private practitioners – together with an enforcer wishing to share new points of view with a limited number of participants. Chatham Rule applies. Paris, Brussels, Dusseldorf, London, Milan, New York, Washington DC, Warsaw.


Concurrences publishes a series of books. These comprise the Concurrences Award thesis, the Competition Case Law Digest, Festschrift such as "Bill Kovacic Liber Amicorum - An Antitrust Tribute" and various books by academics and practitioners. These books are available in both print and electronic formats. See Books.

Antitrust Writing Awards

The aim of the Antitrust Writing Awards is to contribute to competition advocacy, and more generally, to promote competition scholarship. The Awards achieve this aim by selecting the best articles published in the antitrust or law & economics fields thanks to a Board and Steering Committees composed of the most worldwide known academics, counsels and enforcers. See Antitrust Writing Awards.

Ph.D. Awards

In order to promote excellence in antitrust law and law & economics research, Concurrences annually awards up-to-two Awards to the most innovative Ph.D. thesis. The Awards are under the supervision of a 4 to 5 member Steering Committee comprising academics and enforcers. See Ph.D. Awards.

Demonstration videos

You will find below a series of videos explaining the contents and the functioning of different Concurrences databases as well as of the search engine.