2021 Antitrust Writing Awards Virtual Ceremony

The 2021 Antitrust Writing Awards ceremony featured keynote speeches by Amy Klobuchar (US Senate) and Richard Powers (Acting AAG, US DOJ). The Best Soft Laws were announced by Aik Kor Sia (Chief Executive, CCCS). Winning articles were announced by Juliane Kokott (Advocate General, Court of Justice of the EU), Sarah Oxenham Allen (Chair of the Antitrust Taskforce, National Association of Attorneys General | Senior Assistant Attorney General, Virginia Office of Attorney General), and Barbara Samaniego (Student & President of Antitrust Law Association, The George Washington University Law School). Bill Kovacic (Professor, George Washington University - King’s College London | Non-Executive Director, CMA) delivered the introductory remarks.

Below you will find this year’s Best Articles, as well as a selection of video submissions from the winners discussing their award-winning articles (to be updated regularly):

Antitrust Writing Awards Academic Articles Winners

General Antitrust

Nascent Competitors

Scott Hemphill, Tim Wu

Concerted Practices

Priority-Setting as a Double-Edged Sword: How Modernisation Strengthened the Role of Public Policy

Or Brook

Unilateral Conduct

Dominance and market definition in the pharmaceutical industry following the ECJ Paroxetine judgment 

Damien Neven, Georges Siotis


Normative goals in merger control: Why merger control should not attempt to achieve “better” outcomes than competition

Stefan Thomas

Intellectual Property 

FRAND Licensing Levels under EU Law

Jean-Sébastien Borghetti, Igor Nikolic, Nicolas Petit

Private Enforcement

Rebating Antitrust Fines to Encourage Private Damages Negotiations 

Winand Emons, Severin Lenhard

Cross-Border Issues

The Boundaries of the Firm and the Reach of Competition Law: Corporate Group Liability and Sanctioning in the EU and the US 

Carsten Koenig


Equitable Monetary Relief Under the FTC Act: An Opportunity for a Marginal Improvement

James Cooper, Bruce Kobayashi

Asian Antitrust

State Interest and the State-Centered Approach to Competition Law in China 

Wendy Ng


Digital Platforms and Antitrust

Geoffrey Parker, Georgios Petropoulos, Marshall van Alstyne


Mergers, Entry, and Consumer Welfare

Peter Caradonna, Nathan Miller, Gloria Sheu

Antitrust Writing Awards Business Articles Winners

General Antitrust 

Buckle Up: The Global Future of Antitrust Enforcement and Regulation

James Keyte, Frederic Jenny, Eleanor Fox

Concerted Practices

A Note on Antitrust, Labor, and ’No Cold Call’ Agreements in Silicon Valley

Russell Pittman

Unilateral Conduct

Badmouthing Your Competitor’s Products: When Does Denigration Become an Antitrust Issue?

Frederik Haugsted, Morten Nissen


Another Way to Skin the Cat? Perspectives on Using Section 2 to Challenge the Acquisition of Nascent Competitors

Jimmy Moore, Timothy Snyder

Intellectual Property

Antitrust Treatment of Acceleration Provisions in Hatch-Waxman Settlements

Cristina Fernandez, Michael L. Keeley

Private Enforcement

Developing a Global Settlement Strategy

Stephen Crosswell, Mark Hamer, Nicolas Kredel

Cross-Border Issues

Do You Have to Put Up With That? Legal Protections in the Context of Antitrust Law Investigations in the U.S. and E.U.

Nicholas Gaglio, Lindsey Strang, Lukas Aberle, Susan Zhu, Christian Steinle


EU Competition Law and EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: An Evolving Partnership

Jacquelyn MacLennan, Bram Vereecken, Aron Senoner

Asian Antitrust

Interpretation of Ten Highlights of Platform Economy Antitrust Guidelines

Cheng Liu, Audrey Yumeng Li, Lushen Hong, Nick Torre


Giving Away Our Data For Free Is a Market Failure

Nicholas Economides, Ioannis Lianos


Understanding The Econometric Tools of Antitrust – With No Math!

Michael Cragg, Loren Smith, Charlie Gibbons


General Antitrust 

Antitrust compliance programmes guidelines

Comisión Nacional de los mercados y la competencia

Concerted Practices

Primer : Price fixing, bid rigging, and market allocation schemes - What they are and what to look for

US Department of Justice

Unilateral Conduct

Buyer power enforcement guidelines

Competition Commission South Africa


Vertical Merger Guidelines

US Department of Justice and US Federal Trade Commission

Private Enforcement

Commission Communication on the protection of confidential information by national courts in proceedings for the private enforcement of EU competition law

European Commission

Cross-Border Issues

UK Exit from the EU: Guidance on the functions of the CMA under the Withdrawal Agreement

UK Competition and Markets Authority


Guidelines on Competition Compliance Programs


Asian Antitrust

Guidelines on Access to Evidence

Korea Fair Trade Commission


Sponsored ranking: Effects on consumer welfare

Authority for Consumers & Markets


Modelling the macroeconomic impact of competition policy

European Commission, DG COMP


Reconceiving Big Tech: Decentralizing the Industry to Align Incentives and Maximize Total Welfare

Todd Davies


Academic Article

Monopolization Standards in US Competition Law: Evolution and Evaluation

Ivana Rakić

Business Article

No-Poach Antitrust Standard Unclear In Franchising

Matthew Geyer, William Reiss

Soft Law

Guidelines on Competition Compliance Programs


Student Paper

Extending the Presumption of Decisive Influence to Impute Parental Liability to Private Equity Firms for the Anticompetitive Conduct of Portfolio Companies

Vasiliki Fasoula


  • George Washington University - School of Law (Washington)
  • Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Jacobson (New York)
  • Office of the Virginia State Attorney General (Richmond)
  • European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)
  • Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (Singapore)
  • Axinn Veltrop & Harkrider (Washington)
  • United States Senate (Washington)