2020 Antitrust Writing Awards Virtual Ceremony

The 2020 Antitrust Writing Awards ceremony was opened by Bill Kovacic (George Washington University). The Best Soft Laws were announced by Douglas Ginsburg (Judge on The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit). Winning articles were announced by Rebecca Slaughter (Commissioner of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission), Frédéric Jenny (Chairman of the OECD Competition Committee), and Joshua Wright (Executive Director of the Global Antitrust Institute at George Mason University). Bill Kovacic also announced the Readers’ Choice awards and delivered closing remarks.

Below you will find this year’s Best Articles, as well as a selection of video submissions from the winners discussing their award-winning articles:

Antitrust Writing Awards Academic Articles Winners

General Antitrust

The Case for Unfair Methods of Competition Rulemaking

Rohit Chopra (US Federal Trade Commission) and Lina Khan (Columbia Law School)

Concerted Practices

Sustainable and Unchallenged Algorithmic Tacit Collusion

Ariel Ezrachi (Oxford University) and Maurice E. Stucke (University of Tennessee)

Unilateral Conduct 

Are ’FANGs’ Monopolies? A Theory of Competition under Uncertainty 

Nicolas Petit (European University Institute)


How mergers affect innovation: Theory and evidence

Alexander Rasch, Joel Stiebale, and Justus Haucap (Duesseldorf Institute for Competition Economics)

Intellectual Property  

FRAND and Antitrust

Herbert J. Hovenkamp (University of Pennsylvania)

Private Enforcement 

The Case for Placing Limits on Private Litigation of Excessive Pricing 

Michal S. Gal (University of Haifa)

Cross-Border Issues

Antitrust: Updating Extraterritoriality

Eleanor M. Fox (NYU Law)


Interstate Circuit and Conspiracy Theories

Barak Y. Orbach (University of Arizona College of Law) 

Asian Antitrust 

Standalone Hold Separate Orders as Remedies in Chinese Merger Control 

Wei Han (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Ranran Yin (Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer) and Zeng Xiong (Meituan-Dianping)


The logic of market definition 

David Glasner (US Federal Trade Commission) and Sean Sullivan (Iowa Law)

Antitrust Writing Awards Business Articles Winners

General Antitrust  

Create Your Own: Bespoke Antitrust Compliance Programs For Effective Compliance

Leonor Davila (Intel), Gabrielle Kohlmeier (Verizon), Anjali Patel (Verizon), & John Seward (Intel)

Concerted Practices

Keys to Compliance—Practical Antitrust Issues Involving Trade Associations

Creighton Macy (Baker McKenzie) & Matthew Bester (Accenture)

Unilateral Conduct

Data Exploiting as an Abuse of Dominance: The German Facebook Decision

Thomas Höppner (Hausfeld) 


Face the Nation

Pallavi Guniganti (US Federal Trade Commission) 

Intellectual Property

District Court Holds That Qualcomm Patent Licensing and Other Conduct Violates the Sherman Act

Renata Hesse, Garrard R. Beeney, Adam R. Brebner, Marc De Leeuw, and Stephen J. Elliott (Sullivan & Cromwell) 

Private Enforcement

Insights from the Supreme Court’s Apple v. Pepper Decision

J. Bruce McDonald, Craig A. Waldman, Kate Wallace, and Thomas Forr (Jones Day) 

Cross-Border Issues

Development Of Prc Regulations On Cross Border Data Transfer

Susan Ning, Wu Han, Li Yuanyuan, Dan Xuezi (King & Wood Mallesons) 


Dawn raids: dealing with inspections by European competition authorities

Alexi Dimitriou, Nigel Parr, Denis Fosselard and Euan Burrows (Ashurst) 

Asian Antitrust

Heralding a New Era of Antitrust Enforcement in China: New Provisions on Monopolistic Agreements and Abuse of Dominance

Vivian Cao, Fay Zhou and Xi Liao (Linklaters) 


“Follow the Money” - Mapping issues with digital platforms into actionable theories of harm

Cristina Caffarra (Charles River Associates) 


Competition Policy for the Digital Era

European Commission

Abuse of Dominance Enforcement Guidelines

Competition Bureau of Canada

Algorithms and Competition

Bundeskartellamt and Autorité de la concurrence

Behavioural Remedies

Autorité de la concurrence

Guidelines on Fighting Cartels in Public Procurements

Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense


Come at the King, You Best Not Miss: The Economics of Direct-Purchaser Suits After Twombly

Miranda Cherkas Sherill (Brigham Young University)


Academic Article

The principle of relative responsibility for harm in the Directive 2014/104/UE

Enrique Sanjuán Muñoz (University of Malaga - Law School)

Business Article

Algorithmic Tacit Collusion Is A Limited Threat To Competition

Ai Deng (NERA Economic Consulting)

Soft Law

Guidelines on Fighting Cartels in Public Procurements

Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense

Student Article

Extending the Principle of Economic Continuity to Private Enforcement of Competition Law. What Lies Ahead for Corporate Restructuring and Civil Damages Proceedings after Skanska? Case Comment to the Judgement of the Court of Justice of 14 March 2019 Skanska Industrial Solutions and others (Case C-724/17)

Vasiliki Fasoula (University Paris II Panthéon‑Assas)


  • George Washington University - School of Law (Washington)
  • US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit (Washington)
  • ESSEC Business School (Cergy)
  • US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) (Washington)
  • GMU Antonin Scalia Law School (Arlington)