The Institute of Competition Law welcomes spontaneous publications of articles for both the e-Competitions Bulletin and the Concurrences Review:

- Contribute to the e-Competitions Bulletin: Comments of national and EU decisions or regulations. Fast track publication for comments of national decisions implementing Art. 101-102 EU. Read the Bulletin Editorial Policy Guidelines. If you whish to contribute on a regular basis and join one of our Partners Programs, apply to to see the powerpoint presentation.

- Contribute to the Concurrences Review: The Review welcomes articles on a broad range of subjects on competition laws, regulations and related economics (no case summaries), in English or French. Articles submitted to preliminary peer review: Read the Review Editorial Policy Guidelines.

Each original article is paid :

- 30 € per e-Competitions article for civil servants (professors, students, enforcers, clerks)
- + Three months free access to the e-Competitions or Concurrences data base
- + Free access to our Brussels and Paris breakfasts or seminars.

You are welcome to send your proposal to: