Great Antitrust Enforcers: Maureen Ohlhausen

Interview of Maureen Ohlhausen, former Acting Chairman of the US Federal Trade Commission by Bill Kovacic, Professor at George Washington University and King’s College London. This video is part of the "Great Antitrust Enforcers" run by George Washington University in partnership with Concurrences.

Bill Kovacic

Welcome to the latest of our series of interviews involving great antitrust enforcement officials. What we’re seeking to do is to interview those who had the experience of running a major agency, or a smaller agency, and to learn what we can about what it takes to do the job well and to capture ideas that might not show up in textbooks. With us today, we have the great fortune to have Maureen Ohlhausen, who was the acting Chair of the Federal Trade Commission.

Along with that, a member of the Federal Trade Commission from 2012 to 2018, Maureen also held a host of different positions within the agency in the general counsel’s office, an attorney advisor to Commissioner Orson Swindle, the Director of the Office of Policy Planning, and before that, one of the principal administrators in that office. In short, she has seen the ship of the Federal Trade Commission from the engine room all the way up to the bridge. We’re delighted to have Maureen with us today.

Maureen Ohlhausen

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