Global Antitrust Economics #1 Vertical Mergers & Shifting the Burden of Proof: Chilling Innovation?

1st Webinar of the 6th annual “Global Antitrust Economics” conference organised by Concurrences, in partnership with Axinn, Bates White and the Brattle Group with Luis Cabral (Chair, Department of Economics, NYU Stern), Joseph Farrell (Partner, Bates White | Professor of Economics, UC Berkeley), Loren Smith (Principal, Practice Co-Leader Global Antitrust & Competition, The Brattle Group) and Koren Wong-Ervin (Partner, Axinn).

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Luis Cabral moderated the discussion. He pointed out that almost none of the acquisitions initiated by GAFAM since 2000 were investigated. This has led to strong demand, especially from scholars, politicians, and policymakers, for a review of the merger review process. This is the main debate that is addressed in this webinar. A two-question poll of the audience showed that most of the audience believes that no significant harm has been done to consumers by high-tech acquisitions. However, the audience considers it necessary that the burden of proof in merger review be reversed.

Luis Cabral then moved the focus of panel discussion by stressing the difficulties in the high-tech space of distinguishing horizontal from vertical mergers.

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  • Axinn Veltrop & Harkrider (Washington)
  • NYU Stern School of Business
  • University of California (Berkeley)
  • The Brattle Group (Washington)