Antitrust in the Financial Sector #2 Current International Issues in the Financial Sector

2nd webinar of the 5th « Antitrust in Financial Sector » Conference organised by Concurrences and Morgan Lewis in partnership with Advocacia José Del Chiaro, Charles River Associates and Cornerstone Research, with Linda Cenedella (Partner, Morgan Lewis), Dennis Davis (Former President, Competition Appeal Court Of South Africa), Maria Velentza (Director Financial Services, DG COMP), Graciela Miralles (Senior Economist, The World Bank), Oliver Latham (Vice President, CRA), Vivek Mani (Principal, Cornerstone Research), Ademir Antonio Pereira Junior (Partner, Advocacia José Del Chiaro), and Jon Roellke (Partner, Morgan Lewis).

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Linda Cenedella and Jon Roellke moderated the session.

Graciela Miralles opened the discussion by reflecting on the connection between financial regulation and antitrust enforcement from a World Bank point of view. The World Bank Group thinks about competition policy in a broad way, which encompasses fostering competition in emerging markets and defining the role of the State in developing it. On the other hand, the financial sector is a regulated sector by nature -the question being: how to regulate it without restricting competition more than necessary? Over-regulation can indeed create unnecessary burdens on market players. To refine regulation appropriately, impact assessment is a useful tool that is not so common in non-OECD member states.

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  • South Africa Competition Appeal Court (Pretoria)
  • European Commission (Brussels)
  • World Bank Group (Washington)
  • Cornerstone Research (London)
  • Advocacia José Del Chiaro (Sao Paulo)
  • CRA International (London)
  • Morgan Lewis (New York)
  • Morgan Lewis (Washington)