Parallel trade in pharma

Anticompetitive practices

The Turkish Competition Authority publishes a decision on export bans in the pharmaceutical sector (Roche)
ACTECON (Istanbul)
Introduction On 27 September 2018, Turkish Competition Authority (“TCA”) published its decision concerning the allegations that Roche Müstahzarları A.Ş. (“Roche”) had violated articles 4 and 6 of the Law on the Protection of Competition (“Competition Act”). Within this scope, the TCA re-evaluated (...)

The Spanish Competition Authority clears a dual pricing system (Pfizer / Cofares)
Callol, Coca & Asociados (Madrid)
On 19 January 2017 the Spanish Competition Authority (SCA) issued a decision clearing PFIZER of antitrust charges and blessing PFIZER’s dual pricing system (SCA Decision). In 2009, the SCA decided (First Decision) to close the antitrust investigation against COMPAÑÍA FARMACÉUTICA ESPAÑOLA, S.A. (...)

The EU Commission issues a statement on opening of investigation into pay-TV services (Sky / Canal+)
Blackstone Chambers (London)
Murphy and pay-TV: an update* Back in November I wrote about a Financial Times report that the European Commission was about to commence an antitrust investigation into pay-TV services. That investigation was formally announced last Monday, in a statement by Joaquín Almunia, Commission VP for (...)

The Lithuanian Competition Council closes an investigation and accepts remedies on vertical restraints implemented by several pharmaceutical undertakings and gives a recommendation to the Ministry of Health on ways to promote parallel imports of pharmaceuticals
Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition (Munich)
On 21 July 2011 the Competition Council terminated the investigation on compliance of actions of several pharmaceutical undertakings with Article 5 of the Law on Competition and Article 101 TFEU by accepting commitments (Article 30(2) point 2 [now Article 28(3) point 2] of the Law on (...)


The Danish Maritime and Commercial Court finds a medicine distributor guilty of abusing its dominant position (CD Pharma)
Bird & Bird (Copenhagen)
On 3 March 2020, the Danish Maritime and Commercial Court found a medicine distributor, CD Pharma AB, guilty of having abused its dominant position back in 2014. Due to its dominant position, the undertaking in question had a special responsibility not to harm competition – a responsibility that (...)

The Hellenic Competition Authority fines a pharmaceutical company for abuse of dominance in the market of migraine medicines (GlaxoSmithKline)
Hellenic Competition Authority (Athens)
Decision concerning GLAXOSMITHKLINE SA and GLAXOSMITHKLINE plc’s supply policy of medicinal products LAMICTAL, IMIGRAN and SEREVENT in the Greek market, following the partial referral of the case back to the Hellenic Competition Commission (HCC) by the Athens Administrative Court of Appeals and (...)

The Hellenic Competition Authority fines a pharmaceutical company for reducing supplies of medicines to wholesalers (GlaxoSmithKline)
Van Bael & Bellis (Brussels)
On 11 July 2018, the Hellenic Competition Commission (“HCC”) adopted a decision (the “Decision”) fining Glaxosmithkline (“GSK”) a total of €4.1 million for abusing its dominant position in relation to two pharmaceutical products: Imigran (an anti-migraine product) and Lamictal (an anticonvulsant). (...)

The Bulgarian Competition Authority rules on parallel trade of pharmaceutical products and their limitations (Sopharma)
Tsvetkova Bebov Komarevski (Sofia)
Restrictions of Parallel Trade in Pharmaceuticals – Carte Blanche from the Bulgarian Competition Authority?* The Bulgarian Competition Protection Commission (“CPC” or “Commission”) has recently issued an important decision regarding the parallel trade of pharmaceuticals and the possibilities for (...)


The French Competition Authority issues an opinion following its sector inquiry on the distribution of medicinal products
French Competition Authority (Paris)
After gathering market players’ insight, and having carried out an in-depth analysis of how the sector operates, the Autorité de la concurrence publishes its opinion.* It calls for the stimulation of competition throughout the distribution chain, and in particular supports the supervised (...)

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