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Anticompetitive practices

The EU Commission publishes a draft on a legislative package promoting a single market for digital services
University Littoral-Cote d’Opale (Boulogne)
University Littoral-Cote d’Opale (Boulogne)
Toward New European Rules for Digital Players in the Internal Market GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon & Microsoft), the providers of core platform services, are dominating the digital market. In other words, globally, almost all digital services depend on GAFAM. This phenomenon was (...)

The EU Court of Justice rules that the authorities of a Member State may rely on the provisions of a non-transposed directive against a body holding a public service concession (Portgás)
University of Bristol - Law School
CJEU: vertical effect of Directives goes both ways (C-425/12)* The Judgment of the CJEU of 12 December 2013 in case C-425/12 Portgás may appear to be of interest only for public procurement aficionados (and, even then, only for hardcore ones), as it deals with the potential applicability of the (...)


The EU Court of Justice clarifies the eligibility requirements of claims for indirect damages caused by a violation of Art. 101 TFEU (Otis / Land Oberösterreich)
University of Liège
The parties Otis GmbH, is an Austria based manufacturer and provider of maintenance services for elevators and escalators. Taken over in 1969, they are now a subsidiary of the American Otis Elevator Company Corp. Schindler (Schindler Liegenschaftsverwaltung GmbH and Schindler Aufzüge und (...)

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