September 1997

Anticompetitive practices

The Swiss Competition Commission declares illegal a market-wide system imposing fixed resale prices to all scores of musical work sold in Switzerland (Schweizer Verband der Musikalien-Händler und / Verleger)
Agon Partners (Zurich)
Zurich District’s Prosecutor
Description of the impugned case The so called Sammelrevers für Musiknoten covering the entire distribution for scores of musical work in Switzerland with a Straightforward Resale Price Maintenance (RPM) system was declared unlawful. The RPM system was enforced among parties with penalties (...)

State Aid

The EU Commission closes proceedings under art. 93(2) concerning an aid granted by Germany to a non profit oriented company (Gemeinnützige Abfallverwertung)
DG COMP (Brussels)
"GERMANY. Aid to Gemeinnützige Abfallverwertung GmbH (GAV)" The Commission has decided to close the Article 93(2) proceedings against aid which was awarded to Gemeinnützige Abfallverwertung GmbH (GAV) in Aachen. GAV, a non - profit oriented enterprise owned by Sozialwerk Aachener Christen e.V, (...)

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