Concurrences’ Antitrust Compliance Awards is the first global event dedicated to Antitrust Compliance. This yearly event is designed to promote antitrust compliance by bringing together the most prominent and innovative actors across the field, including enforcers, academics, corporations, law firms, consultants, legal techs and forensics firms. The Antitrust Compliance Awards’ goal is to offer increased visibility to their actions through panel discussions and awards recognition.

This is a unique opportunity for enforcers and practitioners to promote their work, benefit from high international exposure and visibility, get updates on the latest trends, exchange views and share good practices among experts on antitrust compliance.


The Awards consist of:

 “Best Agency Antitrust Compliance Initiative”: Best initiative released by a competition agency or sectoral regulator
 “Best Corporation Antitrust Compliance Initiative”: Best initiative released by a corporation or a professional association
 “Best Academic Antitrust Compliance Initiative”: Best initiative published in a peer-reviewed journal (by academics or other authors)
 “Best Law Firm Antitrust Compliance Initiative”: Best initiative released by a law firm
 “Best Legal Tech or Forensics Antitrust Compliance Initiative”: Best initiative released by a legal tech or a forensics solution company
 "Grand Jury Award": Any antitrust compliance initiative from one of the 5 above categories
 "Special Award": Any antitrust compliance initiative which does not fall in any of the 5 above categories (such as "Best Antitrust Compliance Team"...)
 "Readers Award": Any of the above


Initiatives can take whatever format: guidelines, white paper, statement, press release, article, book or book chapter, app, blog, video, mini-movie, manga, comics, etc.

For the inaugural edition, there is no requirement regarding date of publication/release.

Initiatives can be co-authored; authors can be natural or legal persons.

The initiative’s language is English. Initiatives in another language are welcome provided they are accompanied by an English translation.

Initiatives from Board members can be submitted for the sake of comprehensiveness but are not eligible for an Award, except the Readers Award.


Concurrences Editorial Committee advertises the Awards towards each stakeholder so as to receive sufficient quality submissions in each category. The Editorial Committee then sends the list of candidates to each of the Steering Committees. Steering Committees are welcome to select additional initiatives.

Each Steering Committee then short-lists up to 10 initiatives in its own category (for Enforcers and Academics categories) or from other categories (for all other categories: Corporations, Law Firms and Legal Techs) and sends the short-list to Concurrences.

Concurrences communicates the short-lists to the Board.

The Board selects one winner for each of the 5 categories, plus a Grand Prix. The Readers Award is chosen among the five first categories is decided by the readers through voting on the website. The Board reserves the right to award fewer Awards than planned if the initiatives under consideration do not meet the standards of the Awards.

Initiatives are judged according to innovative aspects, quality, originality, practical relevance and the contribution they make to compliance advocacy. Votes from the Steering Committees and the Board members remain confidential.

The Awards are announced at the occasion of the Awards ceremony taking place after the last webinar. Concurrences posts the short-listed and the awards winning initiatives on its website.


The deadline for submitting all documents is January 31, 2020. Submissions can be done by using the electronic nomination forms on the Awards website ( or by emailing


The Awards results will be made public at the Awards Ceremony, which will take place on Monday 10 May 2021 - 15.30 CET - 09.30 EST. The Awards results will also be announced via social media and emails to Concurrences subscribers and followers after the Ceremony. The results are made available on this website. A detailed report is published in a special print issue of Concurrences Review.


All selections and votes remain confidential. Click here to read the Terms of use and our Privacy Policy.


The Awards are managed by Concurrences. Concurrences, acting as the event manager, works to ensure that a sufficient number of quality initiatives are submitted and reviewed, checks eligibility and organizes the Awards Ceremony. Any unexpected issues will be dealt with by the Editorial Committee of the Awards.