May 1999

Anticompetitive practices

The EU Commission issues a revised transatlantic conference agreement
DG COMP (Brussels)
"Revised TACA"* Introduction The Commission’s TACA (Trans-Atlantic Conference Agreement) decision of 16 September 1998 found that certain agreements between the liner shipping companies party to the TACA restricted competition and neither fell within the block exemption of liner conferences (...)

The OECD holds a roundtable on oligopoly
OECD - Competition Division (Paris)
Key documents: Executive Summary with key findings, Detailled Summary of the discussion, Background note Executive summary, by the Secretariat Considering the discussion at the roundtable, the delegate submissions, and the background paper, the following key points emerge: Mutually aware (...)


The EU Commission revokes its decision to clear a merger in the pharmaceutical sector because the clearance was based on incorrect information (Sanofi / Synthélabo)
European Commission - DG TRADE (Brussels)
"Mergers: Recent developments and important decisions"* Pursuant to Article 6(3)(a) of the EC Merger Regulation, the European Commission revoked its decision of 15 March 1999, which cleared the merger of Sanofi, controlled by the Elf-Aquitaine group and Synthélabo, controlled by the L’Oréal (...)

State Aid

The EU Commission authorizes, subject to certain conditions, aid granted by the German government in favor of chemicals companies (Dow / Buna SOW Leuna Olefinverbund)
DG COMP (Brussels)
"Germany - Commission, subject to certain conditions, decides to confirm its decision of May 1996 to authorize aid in favour of Dow/Buna SOW Leuna Olefinverbund GmbH (BSL)"* On 26 May 1999, the Commission decided to close the Article 88(2) proceeding, reopened on 10 December 1997, and to raise (...)

The European Commission decides that the tax measure partially accelerated depreciation for R&D laboratories granted by the Dutch government does not constitute state aid
DG COMP (Brussels)
"The Netherlands – Commission decides that the tax measure ‘partially accelerated depreciation for R&D laboratories’ does not constitute state aid"* In May 1999 the Commission decided to raise no objections to the notified tax measure ‘partially accelerated depreciation for R&D (...)

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