May 1995

General antitrust

The OECD holds a roundtable on competition policy and environment
OECD - Competition Division (Paris)
Key documents: Background note The analytical note reviews modes of environmental regulation and identifies some anticompetitive effects that can accompany them. Such regulations might be used to gain a competitive advantage. A common principle of the different modes of intervention, whether (...)

Anticompetitive practices

The Paris Court of Appeal condemns resale price maintenance in the portable electrical tool sector (Bosch / Black & Decker / Castorama)
Hewlett Packard (Boulogne-Billancourt)
Description of the impugned case Further to a decision of the French Competition Council imposing fines for resale price maintenance to seven companies active in the production and the distribution of portable electrical tool (Bosch, Peugeot Outillage Electrique, Black & Decker, Metabo, (...)

The President of the European Court of First Instance orders interim measures against transport companies concerning the use of the fixed link under the English channel (Eurotunnel / British Railways / SNCF)
Hellenic Competition Commission (Athens)
"Order of the President of the Court of First Instance of 12 May 1995 in Cases T-79/95R & T-80/95R, Société Nationale Des Chemins de Fer Français (SNCF) & British Railways Board (BR) -v- Commission"* Sector: Competition - Article 85 - Regulation 1017/68 applying rules of competition to (...)

The European Commission considers that the new pricing regime imposed by a pharmaceutical company for contraceptive pills is contrary to article 85 EC Treaty (Organon)
European Commission - DG COMP (Brussels)
"Parallel imports of pharmaceutical products : Organon"* ORGANON is a British subsidiary of AKZO (Netherlands) which specializes in the manufacture and marketing of contraceptive pills. On 4 Mai 1994, ORGANON changed the price regime applicable to MERCILON and MARVELON, the latter being one (...)

Unilateral Practices

The EU Commission decides to implement interim measures against an association of business firms for abuse of dominant position (Irish Continental / Port of Roscoff)
European Commission - DG COMP (Brussels)
Irish ferries access to the port of roscoff in brittany: commission decides interim measures against the morlaix chamber of commerce* Acting on a complaint from the Irish ferry operator, Irish Continental Group, the Commission has decided interim measures against the Chambre de (...)


The EU Commission investigates into the creation of a joint venture in the beverages industry (Orkla / Volvo)
DG REGIO (Brussels)
European Commission - DG HR (Brussels)
"Mergers : summary of the most important recent developments"* The Commission is currently conducting an in depth investigation into the proposal of Orkla (Norway) and Volvo (Sweden) to form a joint beverages company operating in the two countries. The joint venture will produce, bottle, (...)

The EU Commission carries out a detailed inquiry in a Dutch TV proposed joint venture (RTL / Veronica / Endemol)
DG REGIO (Brussels)
European Commission - DG HR (Brussels)
"Mergers : summary of the most important recent developments"* The Commission’s began an examination of the RTL/Veronica/Endemol case following a request from the Dutch government to this effect, in the absence of which the Commission would not have jurisdiction to deal with the case since the (...)

The EU Commission clears a joint venture arrangement between nine leading European gas companies for the construction and operation of a UK Belgium subsea gas interconnection (Interconnector)
European Commission - DG COMP (Brussels)
"Joint venture arrangement"* 0n 17 May 1995 the Commission issued a comfort letter to clear a joint venture arrangement between nine leading European gas companies for the construction and operation of a UK Belgium subsea gas interconnection, in particular a high pressure gas pipeline which (...)

The OECD holds a roundtable on failing firm defence
OECD - Competition Division (Paris)
The perilous financial condition of a merging firm may change the analysis by a competition authority of an otherwise anticompetitive merger. The authority should assess not only what will happen if the merger is permitted, but also what will happen if it is blocked. Several questions arise (...)


The European Commission adopts a white paper on the preparation of the associated countries of central and eastern Europe (CEEC) for integration into the internal market of the Union
European Commission - DG COMP (Brussels)
International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT)
European Commission (Brussels)
"White Paper endorsed at Cannes"* In May 1995 the Commission adopted a White Paper on the Preparation of the Associated Countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEEC) for integration into the Internal Market of the Union. This White Paper was endorsed by the European Council of Cannes. It can (...)

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