June 1993

Unilateral Practices

The US Supreme Court establishes a test for proving the existence of predatory pricing (Brooke Group)
Bona Law (Detroit)
Predatory Pricing: Rarely, But Not Never, Successful under US Antitrust Laws* Your much larger competitor sells the same products as you do but at a much lower price, so low you think that it must be losing money on each sale. Can such “predatory pricing” ever violate the antitrust laws? It is a (...)

State Aid

The French Supreme Administrative Court implements the EU Court of Justice "Saumon" ruling while limiting the time-period of annulment of the un-notified aid (Saumon)
University of Aix-Marseille
The Fédération nationale du commerce extérieur des produits alimentaires and the Syndicat national des négociateurs et transformateurs de saumon brought an action against the interministerial order of 15 april 1985 implementing decree n° 84-1297 of 31 december 1984 imposing parafiscal charges for (...)

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