January 1994

Unilateral Practices

The French Criminal Supreme Court confirms criminal sanctions against the CEO of a national copyright-management society for excessive fees (X / SACEM)
Innovate Finance (London)
Despite the de-penalization of anticompetitive practices, acknowledged by many authors, and implemented by the Order of 1st December 1986 (the Order), Article L. 420-6 of the French commercial code (the FCC) still states that : “If any natural person fraudulently takes a personal and decisive (...)


The Brussels Commercial Court finds an exclusive distribution agreement contrary to Art. 81 EC but declined the claim for damages (APT-B/Lupac)
BECI (Brussels)
Liège University
The facts APT-B is a Belgian company which business consisted in repairing computer hard drives. It entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with LUPAC. On 11 December 1987, APT-B unilaterally terminated the said contract on the ground of alleged contractual failures and claimed for (...)

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