February 1991

Anticompetitive practices

The EU Court of Justice considers that a provision in an agreement between a brewery and a licensee of a public house whereby the licensee is required to purchase a minimin amount of beer each year is not restricting competition by its object (Delimitis)
European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)
Case C-234/89 Stergios Delimitis v Henninger Bräu AG A beer supply agreement is prohibited by Article 85(1) of the EEC Treaty if two cumulative conditions are met. The first is that, having regard to the economic and legal context of the agreement at issue, it is difficult for competitors who (...)

State Aid

The EU Court of Justice sets out uniform conditions under which national courts may adopt interim measures suspending Commission decisions relating to State aid (Zuckerfabrik Süderdithmarschen / Hauptzollamt Itzehoe / Zuckerfabrik Soest / Hauptzollamt Paderborn) New
Deloitte (Brussels)
Deloitte (Brussels)
On 21 February 1991, the Court issued a preliminary ruling confirming that national courts may suspend the enforcement of national administrative measures implementing Community [EU] regulations and setting out uniform conditions under which national courts may adopt such interim measures. The (...)

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