December 1997

State Aid

The European Commission opens an art. 93(2) proceeding concerning an aid granted by the Spanish government in favor of electronics component manufacturer (Daewoo Electronics Manufacturing Espana)
DG COMP (Brussels)
"Espagne – La Commission décide une extension de la procédure ouverte au titre de l’article 93 § 2 du traité CE à l’égard des aides octroyées à l’entreprise Daewoo Electroctronics Manufacturing España S.A. (“DEMESA”)"* Following the submission of several complaints in 1996 from the European Committee of (...)

The European Commission approves State aid granted by Ireland for enterprise zones designated by the 1995 and 1997 Finance Acts
DG COMP (Brussels)
"IRELAND: Enterprise zones designated by the 1995 and 1997 Finance Acts"* The European Commission have approved the above scheme on 16.December 1997. The tax-reliefs available in the areas in question include capital allowances (accelerated and free depreciation), double rent allowance and (...)

The European Commission opens the 93 (2) proceedings against State aid granted by Austria to an equipment company (Siemens Bauelemente)
DG COMP (Brussels)
"AUSTRIA. The Commission decides to open the 93 (2) proceedings against state aid to Siemens Bauelemente OHG"* The Commission has decided to investigate the Austrian government’s proposal to give aid of ECU 27 million to Siemens Bauelemente OHG for the production of power semiconductors using (...)

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