August 1999


The Hungarian Competition Office authorises a concentration through acquisition of minority shareholding with detailed reasoning on de facto control (Renault/Nissan)
Lakatos, Köves (Budapest)
Lakatos, Köves (Budapest)
DKKR Partners
The HCO initiated an investigation at the request of Renault S.A. ("Renault") for approval of the concentration of Renault and Nissan Motor Co. ("Nissan"). Renault and Nissan entered into an agreement pursuant to which Renault acquired a shareholding representing 36.8 per cent of the share (...)

The EU Commission authorises an alliance between Italian and Dutch airlines subject to behavioural remedies (KLM / Alitalia)
DG COMP (Brussels)
"Alitalia-KLM: A new trend in assessing airline alliances ?"* On 11 August 1999, the European Commission authorised the alliance between the Italian airline Alitalia and the Dutch airline KLM. The investigation of the proposed alliance brought the Commission to address a certain number of (...)

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