August 1995

Anticompetitive practices


The European Commission approves a merger in the rail transportation sector (ABB/Daimler Benz)
JG Associates (Brussels)
DG REGIO (Brussels)
"Mergers Summary of the most important recent developments"* In the proposed joint venture ABB and Daimler Benz intended to combine their worldwide activities in the field of rail transportation. The merger will lead to the world’s largest firm in this sector. In Europe, Daimler’s and ABB’s (...)


The French Supreme Court upholds the judgment of the Paris Court of Appeal condemning the legal representatives of two companies to a €1.500 fine for having imposed a minimum resale price to their distributors (Nicolas Maincent)
UGGC (Paris)
Description of the impugned case This case involves an indirect RPM system applied in the context of selective distribution agreements. The companies Estée Lauder and Clinique imposed to their selected distributors, a minimum resale price of the products, through a complex system combining (...)

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