October 1995

General antitrust

The EU Commission requests that the Italian authorities abolish the distortion of competition resulting from the initial payment imposed on a telephone company and secure equal conditions for all operators of GSM radiotelephony (Omnitel Pronto)
European Commission - DG COMP (Brussels)
GSM Italy : Commission asks fair treatment for Omnitel* On the initiative of M. Karel Van Miert the Commission has today decided to ask the Italian Government to take necessary measures to establish a level playing field between the two competing operators on the Italian GSM market. The (...)

Anticompetitive practices

The EU Court of First Instance rejects the application for an exemption from a motor vehicle manufacturer imposing an obligation on all its dealers to develop activities for leasing transactions exclusively for the account of its own leasing company (Volkswagen)
European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)
Case C-266/93 Bundeskartellamt v Volkswagen AG and VAG Leasing GmbH* 1. Article 85(1) of the Treaty must be interpreted as meaning that it prohibits an obligation imposed by the leading manufacturer of motor vehicles in a Member State on all its dealers established in that State to develop (...)

The EU Court of Justice states that establishing an agreement granting absolute territorial protection for the various dealers and reducing each dealer’s freedom of commercial activities has as its object and effect the restriction to an appreciable extent of trade within the common market (Bayerische Motorenwerke)
European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)
Case C-70/93 Bayerische Motorenwerke AG v ALD Auto-Leasing D GmbH (Reference for a preliminary ruling from the Bundesgerichtshof)* 1. Article 85(1) of the Treaty must be interpreted as meaning that it precludes a motor vehicle manufacturer which sells its vehicles through a selective (...)

The EU Court of Justice partly sets aside the Court of First Instance judgment in a case concerning the imports and exports of electricity in the Netherlands (Rendo / Commission)
Hellenic Competition Commission (Athens)
"Judgment Of The Court Of 19 October 1995 In Case C-19/93 P, Rendo NV Et Al. V Commission"* On October 19, 1995 the Court partly set aside the judgment of the Court of First Instance of November 18, 1992 (Case T-16/91) and referred the case back to the Court of First Instance. In a proceeding (...)

Unilateral Practices

The EU Court of Justice reaffirms that for a collective dominant position to exist, the undertakings must be linked in such a way that they adopt the same conduct on the market (Spediporto)
European Court of Justice (Luxembourg)
Case C-96/94 Centro Servizi Spediporto Sri v Spedizioni Marittima del Golfo Sri (Reference for a preliminary ruling from the Tribunale, Genoa)* 1. Articles 3(g), 5, 30, 85, 86 and 90 do not preclude the legislation of a Member State from providing for road-haulage tariffs to be approved and (...)


State Aid

The European Commission enjoins Germany to provide all information on new investment projects implemented by car manufacturer in the new German Länder and on the aid that is to be granted to them (Volkswagen)
European Commission - DG COMP (Brussels)
European Commission - DG COMP (Brussels)
"Application of the "Boussac" – injunction"* The Commission has the power to issue an injunction ordering Member States to suspend payment of an aid pending the outcome of the investigation and/or to supply information needed for the Commission to take a decision on a case, which has not been (...)

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