February 1994

Anticompetitive practices

The EU Commission Commission fines steel beam producers and distributors for price fixing, market sharing and exchange of information (Arbed / British Steel / Unimétal / Saarstahl)
European Commission - DG COMP (Brussels)
Commission fines steel beam producers and distributorsfor restrictive practices* Acting on a proposal from Mr Van Miert, the Member of the Commission responsible for competition policy, the Commission has decided: to impose fines totalling slightly over ECU 100 (...)

State Aid

The Paris Administrative Tribunal confirms the principle of restitution for an incompatible State aid following a decision of the EU Commission (Boussac Saint Frères)
Schmitt Avocats (Paris)
Between June 1982 and August 1984, the French State granted financial support to Boussac Saint Frères, a company active in the textile and clothing sector. These financial contributions took the form of (i) a participation in the capital of the company by the Institut de développement industriel (...)

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