Decisions open to comment

Below is a list of cases for which no author has notified his/her interest but for which we are looking for a case summary. Most of these cases are important decisions notified by contributors to the EU Competition Law Handbook, Sweet & Maxwell (ed. Marc van der Woude). Submitting a case summary for these cases will ensure you to have your name and reference of your case summary mentioned in the next edition of the Handbook.


- Court of Appeal of Brussels, Brabomills, Case 2013/MR/6, 12 March 2014

Czech Republic

- Czech Office for the Protection of Competition, Linde Technoplyn, Case n° R035/08, 14 March 2008 (EUCH Ref. CZ 10)
- Czech Office for the Protection of Competition, Český Telecom, 1 October 2005, (EUCH Ref. CZ 4)
- Czech High Court, 27 February 2004, Case n° ÈEZ, a.s. CZ 5


- Estonian NCA, 24 August 2004, A.Le Coq/Finelin, second phase approval; Beverages, EST M4
- Estonian NCA, 05 August 2008, Tugboat services, abuse of dominant position, EST 6


- Latvian NCA, 31 October 2007, Universal Pictures/Sparrowhawk, LV M8, Media


- Luxembourg Court of Appeal, 31 March 2004, 27.542, Ludwig/Brasserie Nationale, L11, Ondernemingsrecht 2007, p. 513, Distribution agreement - block exemption Beer
- Luxembourg Administrative Court of Appeals, 04 March 2010, 25855C, P&T/ Etat luxembourgeois, L 23, Annulment of NCA interim decision, Telecommunications


- Portuguese NCA, 19 September 2005, 13/2005, PT6, Cerealis, Cerealis Moagens, Moagem Ceres, Granel, Germen, Eduardo e Artur Grilo Pereira, Farlis, Abranches & Filhos, Carneiro, Campos & Companhia, Catelas & Teorgas, and Pitorro, Price cartel in the milling sector


- Competition Appeal Tribunal, 23 March 2007, Stericycle v Competition Commission, Healthcare, UK M1
- Competition Appeal Tribunal, 09 May 2006, CAT, Celesio AG v OFT, Retail pharmacy (NB costs), UK M3
- Competition Appeal Tribunal, 01 April 2005, Unichem v OFT, Pharmaceuticals (NB costs), UK M5
- Competition Appeal Tribunal, 19 February 2004, OFT and Others v IBA Health, Healthcare, UK M6
- UK Competition Commission, 12 May 2006, Waterstone’s/Ottakars, UK M7
- UK OFT, 02 April 2009, SRCL/Cliniserve, first phase, undertakings, Medical waste, UK M14