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Legal Expert

Rebecca focuses on all aspects of competition law, including on competition law issues in Austria and at EU level. She combines her practice of competition law with working on trade law, including on foreign direct investment, and EU regulatory matters.

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Van Bael & Bellis (Brussels)
Van Bael & Bellis (Brussels)
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Van Bael & Bellis (Brussels)


182 Bulletin

Laura Lehoczky-Deckers, Rebecca Halbach, Edoardo Canali, Giovanni Pregno, Dilja Helgadottir, Floris-Willem Dierickx The EU Commission proposes an updated list of projects and programs of EU interest annexed to the FDI Screening Regulation


On 29 September 2021, the European Commission (“Commission”) adopted a draft delegated regulation updating, for the second time, the list of projects and programmes of Union interest annexed to the EU Regulation establishing a framework for the screening of foreign direct investments into the (...)

Rebecca Halbach The Austrian Government plans to reverse amendments to the occasional traffic act to increase competition, consumer choice, and innovation in the taxi and private hire car markets


As previously reported in this Newsletter, in September 2020 the Austrian Federal Competition Authority (“AFCA”) published the results of a sector inquiry into the taxi and private hire car market. The AFCA found that certain planned amendments to the Occasional Traffic Act (“AOTA”) would (...)

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