Romanian Competition Council (Bucharest)

Virginia Pavel Dobre

Romanian Competition Council (Bucharest)
Competition inspector

Virginia Pavel Dobre is a competition inspector with the Romanian national competition authority, her usual tasks including instrumenting infringement cases, conducting dawn raids, merger analysis, as well as representing the competition authority with the European/international organisations. Her previous working experience includes offering legal consultancy to high profile companies, as an attorney at law, registered with the Bucharest Barr. Virginia holds a Phd degree, obtained in 2020, with a thesis on Intent in European competition law, from the University Paris Nanterre. Presently, she is also a Teaching assistant in European competition law with the Franco-Romanian Legal College in Bucharest.


1152 Review

Giuseppe Colangelo, Viktoria Robertson, Kayvan Hazemi Jebelli, Antonio Manganelli, Antonio Nicita, Despoina Mantzari, Pedro Caro de Sousa, Virginia Pavel Dobre, Friso Bostoen, Daniel Mândrescu, Vikas Kathuria Competition policy in the digital economy


This special issue aims at feeding the current debate about the role of competition policy in the digital economy by addressing some key topics. These include challenges associated with digital ecosystems, the European Commission’s Digital Markets Act, the role of interim measures, mergers and (...)

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