CDC Cartel Damage Claims (Brussels)

Vasil Savov

CDC Cartel Damage Claims (Brussels)
Executive Director (Luxembourg)

Vasil is an Executive Director in charge of the daily management activities of CDC Cartel Damage Claims in Luxembourg. He is the main point of contact for companies, external experts and lawyers regarding damages cases ran from the Grand-Duchy. In parallel, he is an arbitrator and counsel with the Luxembourg Arbitration Association. Vasil has an extensive experience in competition policy, litigation and consulting. He is a regular speaker at international conferences and a frequent contributor to specialised legal journals. Vasil gives lectures at Science Po and participates in various European projects related to private antitrust enforcement. Prior to joining CDC, he worked as a Member of the European Commission’s Legal Service (Barroso II Commission) and clerked for a judge (Franklin Dehousse) at the Court of Justice of the European Union. Vasil studied law at the universities of Strasbourg, Cork and Luxembourg.


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Vasil Savov (CDC)
Vasil Savov 28 March 2019 Paris
Vasil Savov (CDC Cartel Damage Claims)
Vasil Savov 29 March 2018 Paris
Vasil Savov - Transposition de la directive Dommages - 10 mars 2017
Vasil Savov 10 March 2017 Paris


8525 Bulletin

Juraj Siska, Vasil Savov The EU Court of Justice makes a clear distinction between cartel’s restrictive effects on competition and its damaging effects (Kilpailu- ja kuluttajavirasto)


By judgement on the 14th of January 2021 in Case C-450/19, Kilpailu- ja kuluttajavirasto (‘Judgment’), the Court of Justice of the European Union (‘CJEU’) stated that an infringement of Art. 101 TFEU in bid-rigging cases ends with the conclusion of the works, goods or services contract. To reach (...)

Vasil Savov, Vera Keraudren The Paris Court of Appeal provides guidance in the context of an action for damages related to anti-competitive practices in the telecommunication sector (Orange / Digicel)


On 17 June 2020, the Paris Court of Appeal (Court) delivered its judgment (Orange judgment) in which it ordered Orange to pay EUR 249.5 million (EUR 181.5 million in damages plus EUR 68 million in interest) to Digicel Antilles and Guyana, following the implementation by the former of a number (...)

Vasil Savov, Juraj Siska, Natacha Espelta The EU Court of Justice receives a request for preliminary ruling from the Léon Court of Appeal on the temporal application of the damages directive provisions on limitation and quantification of harm (Volvo / DAF Trucks)


In the aftermath of Directive 2014/104/EU (Directive), Spain appears to be one of the most active jurisdictions dealing with antitrust damages cases. In particular, a multitude of Spanish courts have been seized with actions for compensation in relation to the European Trucks Cartel (Case (...)

Vasil Savov, Juraj Siska, Julia Suderow The Madrid Commercial Court requests a preliminary ruling to the EU Court of Justice concerning the international competence of the court which was contested by the defendants (RH / AB Volvo)


Choice of forum delicti in EU-wide cartel damages cases (C-30/20, RH vs Volvo) Does Art. 7(2) Brussels I bis determine territorial jurisdiction within the EU Member States, Madrid Commercial Court asks EU Court of Justice. The request for a preliminary ruling from the Madrid Commercial Court (...)

Vasil Savov, Juraj Siska The EU Court of Justice provides guidance on the interpretation of the place of the harmful event under Regulation Brussels I bis for the determination of alternative grounds of jurisdiction in pan-European cartel damages cases (Tibor-Trans / DAF Trucks)


With its judgment of 29 July 2019 in Case C-451/18,Tibor-Trans (the ‘Judgment’), the EU Court of Justice (the ‘CJEU’) clarified the competence of national courts to hear damage actions relating to pan-European infringements of Art. 101 TFEU under Regulation 1215/2012 Brussels I bis (in short (...)

Till Schreiber, Vasil Savov Advocate General Szpunar renders an opinion on publication of information about the functioning of an illegal cartel acquired via leniency statements (Evonik Degussa)


Presenting public knowledge: Leniency programmes and cartels* By his opinion of 21 July 2016 in Case C-162/15 P, Evonik Degussa, Advocate General (AG) Maciej Szpunar of the EU Court of Justice confirmed that information on the functioning of a clandestine cartel, even when it originates from (...)

Vasil Savov The EU Court of Justice gives a clear indication that sufficiently substantiated requests for access to documents from cartel victims are a matter of public interest (EnBW)


On 9 November 2007, Energie Baden-Württemberg AG (“EnBW”) sought from the European Commission (“Commission”), on the basis of Regulation No 1049/2001 (the “Regulation”), access to all documents in the file relating to the proceeding that led to the adoption of the Gas insulated switchgear decision (...)

Vasil Savov The AG Kokott of the EU Court of Justice states that the law of the EU precludes domestic legislation which categorically excludes any civil liability of undertakings belonging to a cartel for umbrella damages (Kone)


Advocate General Kokott stated that the law of the European Union precludes the interpretation and application of domestic legislation enacted by a Member State which categorically excludes any civil liability of undertakings belonging to a cartel for loss resulting from the fact that an (...)

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