Thierry Pénard

University of Rennes I

Thierry Pénard is a Professor of Economics at the University of Rennes 1 and this University Director of the Master Program "Economics of IT and eBusiness (Master professionnel Economie et Conseil en TIC et e-business). He is also a Research fellow of CREM (Center of Research in Economics and Management, a joint research center CNRS - University of Rennes 1). Mr Pénard’s research topics cover the fields of Industrial Organization, Strategy, and Digital Economics, with a focus on franchising, antitrust policy, network economics, IT adoption and usage and electronic commerce


2059 Review

Serge Abiteboul, Thierry Pénard Algorithms and competition (Paris, 6 June 2017)


Computer science and digital information have profoundly transformed business. This transformation comes with immense promises but also considerable risks. It is obviously as false to believe in all these promises as to be convinced of the inevitability of all the risks. In this article, we (...)

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