Szabolcs Lorincz

DG COMP (Brussels)

Szabolcs Lorincz is a competition economist working at the European Commission’s Directorate General Competition. He is a member of DG Competition’s Chief Economist Team which is responsible for giving guidance on economics, econometrics and various economic methodological questions relevant for the Commission’s competition policy. Szabolcs is specialized in the application of quantitative, statistical and econometric methods to competition policy cases. In particular, he has extensive experience in applying these quantitative methods as well as general economic analysis to merger and antitrust cases. He has also contributed to drafting various Commission guidelines and policy-supporting papers (quantification of damages and passing-on, data room best practices). He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Toulouse, with a specialization in empirical industrial organization.

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1465 Bulletin

Fanny Dumont, Pablo Serrano, Simon Vande Walle, Szabolcs Lorincz The EU Commission clears an acquisition between two leading global manufacturers of threat detection equipment, subject to remedies (Smiths / Morpho Detection)


SMITHS GROUP / MORPHO DETECTION: MAINTAINING SECURITY THROUGH INNOVATION * In a nutshell: Smiths’ acquisition of Morpho Detection brought together two leading suppliers of the equipment used to detect explosives and narcotics. This equipment is omnipresent at security checks in airports and is (...)

Jean-Christophe Mauger, Katarzyna Tosza, Luca Di Martile, Mauro Sibilia, Szabolcs Lorincz The EU Commission approves the creation of a joint venture between two of the world’s leading coffee manufacturers, subject to conditions (DEMB / Mondelēz)


"Some like it hot! – coffee merger between DEMB and Mondelēz"* In a nutshell Coffee products belong to a differentiated market where the evaluation of closeness of competition is key to the competitive assessment. Internal documents, views of market participants and economic analysis (...)

Fabio Polverino, Gregor Langus, Jean-Christophe Mauger, Miguel de la Mano, Patrick D’Souza, Szabolcs Lorincz The EU Commission conditionally approves a merger between two Dutch dairy cooperatives (Friesland Foods / Campina)


"Friesland Foods/Campina: a merger between two Dutch dairy cooperatives approved with a set of comprehensive remedies"* I. Introduction The Friesland Foods/Campinacase (M.5046), which concerned a full legal merger between the two leading Dutch dairy producers, covered the entire production (...)

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