Sandvik (Stockholm)

Sune Chabert Larsen

Sandvik (Stockholm)
Chief Compliance Officer & Head of Group Compliance

Sune Chabert Larsen is a Chief Compliance Officer & Head of Group Compliance at Sandvik, and commercial lawyer with 14 years of experience in setting compliance requirements, clearly communicating requirements to the business, embedding and implementing effective controls and monitoring and reporting performance in large global organizations. Compliance and legal areas of expertise include: competition law/antitrust with extensive experience in dealing with major projects including M&A and strategic partnerships; data privacy: I have successfully lead the Sandvik Group’s GDPR implementation; anti-bribery and corruption and trade compliance: I currently lead a project to develop a compliance tool which Sandvik’s line organization and the compliance functions will use to effectively drive compliance activities on all existing compliance requirements within ABC, trade, competition law and data privacy.


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