Stefan Thomas

Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen
Professor of Law

Prof. Dr. Stefan Thomas holds a chair in civil law, business law, competition law and insurance law at the Eberhard Karls-University Tübingen since 2009. He has received his academic degrees from Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz. Before his academic career he was an attorney at an international law firm in the antitrust practice-group until 2006. Prof. Thomas publishes regularly in the field of competition law and in related areas like energy-law. He is author of, inter alia, Unternehmensverantwortlichkeit und -umstrukturierung nach EG-Kartellrecht (“Successor liability in EC-Competition law”), C.H. Beck, 2005 and co-author of Kling/Thomas, Grundkurs Wettbewerbs- und Kartellrecht (“Competition and Antitrust Law”), C.H. Beck 2004 as well as of Kartellrecht (“Antitrust Law”), Verlag Vahlen 2007 (with Prof. Dr. Michael Kling).

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37908 Bulletin

Christoph Stock, Stefan Thomas The Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court rules on key issues of private damages actions against hardcore cartels, decides on the indirect customer’s right to claim and addresses the challenging task of quantifying antitrust damages (Carbonless paper cartel)


Introduction Private enforcement in hardcore-cartels cases is getting in motion. In Germany, within less than one year two actions for damages against participants in hardcore-cartels were successful. After the decision of the Berlin Higher Regional Court in the “Berliner Transportbeton”-case (...)

Stefan Thomas The Higher Regional Court of Thuringia analyses Art. 81 EC and § 1 of the German Act against Restraints of Competition as part of the ordre public with respect to the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards (Schott)


I. Preliminary remarks and facts of the case The field of civil antitrust litigation is much debated about with respect to the enforcement of national and European competition laws before the German courts. Yet also important and even more complex in some way is the question how and to what (...)

Stefan Thomas The Regional Court of Düsseldorf rules on procedural key issues for cartel damages suits pawing the way to de facto class action for cartel damages in Germany (Cartel Damage Claims)


I. Introduction The Regional Court in Düsseldorf has decided on procedural core questions in its interlocutory judgment of 21 February 2007 and already indicated its stance on substantive issues in an additional court instruction concerning the follow on-damages suit relating to the German (...)

Stefan Thomas The German Mannheim Regional Court decides on the right to claim against a vertically integrated cartelist and the standard of proof for antitrust damages in a follow on-suit (Carbonless paper cartel)


The Regional Court Mannheim decided in its judgment of 29 April 2005 on the right to claim against a vertically integrated cartelist and the standard of proof for antitrust damages in a follow on-suit after a final decision of the EC Commission (Carbonless paper) . Background and Context of (...)

2609 Review

Cani Fernández, Delphine Riccardi-Benin, Eszter Ritter, Hugues Calvet, Julien Neto, Laure Gauthier-Lescop, Sir Christopher Bellamy, Stefan Thomas Antitrust fine quantification : Results of an international survey


Un programme de recherche international regroupant des avocats et des académiques a été constitué sous l’égide de Concurrences afin de comparer les modes de calcul des amendes sanctionnant des pratiques anticoncurrentielles. Une double méthodologie émerge de cette comparaison internationale suivant (...)

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