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Salvatore De Vita

DG COMP (Brussels)
Case Handler

Salvatore De Vita works as Case Handler at European Commission, Directorate General for Competition (DG COMP).

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583 Bulletin

Eleonora Ocello, Pierantonio D’Elia, Salvatore De Vita The EU Commission conditionally approves the acquisition of a de facto sole control over a national incumbent telecommunications company, subject to remedies (Telecom Italia / Vivendi)


Vivendi/Telecom Italia - jurisdictional and substantive assessment of minority shareholdings* In a nutshell: The Vivendi/Telecom Italia case raised interesting issues related to minority shareholdings. In relation to jurisdiction, the transaction consisted of the acquisition of (de facto) (...)

Luca Manigrassi, Salvatore De Vita, Teodora Vateva The EU Commission clears the acquisition of a global semiconductor manufacturer, subject to the divestment of its radio frequency power business (NXP / Freescale)


NXP / Freescale: global remedies in a 3 to 3 semiconductor merger* In a nutshell: The case concerned the combination of two major semiconductor manufacturers active worldwide, which was reviewed in several jurisdictions. The Commission cooperated particularly closely with the US FTC to ensure (...)

Marc Zedler, Salvatore De Vita, Sebastian Müller, Violeta Staykova The EU Commission clears an international telecom’s merger subject to conditions of another national telecom (Orange / Jazztel)


Orange/Jazztel: Convergence meets Consolidation in the Spanish Telecoms Sector* In a nutshell: The Orange/Jazztel transaction takes place in a market that tipped toward fixed-mobile multiple play offers. The forward-looking analysis included an assessment of the parties’ likely future roll-out (...)

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