DG COMP (Brussels)

Rositsa Pencheva

DG COMP (Brussels)

Rositsa Pencheva works as case handler at European Commission, DG COMP (Directorate General for Competition).

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DG COMP (Brussels)


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Marion Bailly, Noa Laguna-Goya, Rositsa Pencheva The EU Commission clears the acquisition of a pharmaceutical company by a global conglomerate subject to commitment that clinical development of innovative insomnia drugs will not be adversely affected by the merger (Johnson & Johnson / Actelion)


J&J/Actelion - falling asleep fast and deeply while staying fully awake on innovation * In a nutshell: The Commission found competitive concerns due to the combination of two development programmes for insomnia drugs, currently in Phase II of clinical trials. These pipeline drugs are based (...)

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