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Ian McEwin is an Australian lawyer with a PhD in Economics who specialises in Southeast Asian competition law and economics. He has been an expert witness in major competition law cases in Australia and New Zealand and was foundation Director of the Centre for Law and Economics in the Law Faculty at the Australian National University in Canberra. In 2002 the Singapore Ministry of Trade & Industry recruited him to help with the drafting of the Singapore competition law and the setting up of the Singapore Competition Commission. He subsequently became the Commission’s first Chief Economist. Following that he became a visiting Professor of Law at the National University of Singapore and then at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. He was subsequently appointed as Khazanah National Chair at the University of Malaya. He has helped several governments introduce competition law in Southeast Asia. He was appointed to the Foundation Board of Advisors of the Global Antitrust Institute at the George Mason University School of Law in Washington, is on the Advisory Board of the China Antitrust Law Journal and is currently writing a book Competition Law in Southeast Asia for Cambridge University Press. He is currently involved in competition law consulting in regulatory and litigation work in Southeast Asia.


Fellow, Australian Institute of Company Directors


R. Ian McEwin
Robert Ian McEwin 24 October 2014 New York


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Allan Fels, Carol Osborne, Robert Ian McEwin The role of ASEAN guidelines on competition policy and the economic integration of the ASEAN countries (ASEAN Antitrust: The Future of Competition Law and Policy in the ASEAN Countries, Singapore, 24 April 2015)


The conference that took place in Singapore on the 23rd of April 2015 dealt with the future of competition law and policy in the ASEAN countries. The speakers of this panel offer a view on the impact that competition policy may have within ASEAN countries, challenges it may face in the future (...)

Robert Ian McEwin Asian Transparency


While transparency is valued in the West, in East-Asian countries secrecy is more valued – transparency is seen as weakness in dealings with both business and government. Simply preaching transparency is unlikely to have much effect unless we understand why secrecy is so important. Economists (...)


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Author(s): Nicolas Charbit, Sonia Ahmad (Editors)
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