Richard Eccles

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Richard is a partner advising on competition law (EU and UK), telecommunications regulation and trade and customs matters. He is based in London and have over 30 years’ experience of advising on competition law. Since 2016 he has also advised more and more on Brexit and how businesses should prepare for a no-deal Brexit. Today, he advises on competition law across an array of sectors, with extensive experience of advising on EU and UK anti-trust law on supply, licensing, distribution, merchandising, energy and utilities, on joint venture and many other commercial agreements and on issues concerning abuse of dominance. He has represented clients in competition law cases in the European Commission and the UK authorities including the Competition and Markets Authority and also in the European Court of Justice and the Competition Appeal Tribunal. He has specialist experience in the interface of competition law and intellectual property. His advice on Brexit includes the implications of Brexit for businesses, specific trade and customs issues raised by Brexit, and the actions that businesses should take to prepare for a no-deal Brexit. In recent years, he has written numerous articles, spoken at many seminars and been quoted in the national and legal media on Brexit issues. He is currently Chair of The Law Society’s Competition Section.

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