Louis Navé

University of Strasbourg, Center for European Studies of Strasbourg
Ph.D. Candidate

Contract doctoral student at the Centre for International and European Studies, University of Strasbourg. Graduate of the Institute of Political Studies of Strasbourg, holder of a master’s degree in European Union law from the Faculty of Law of Strasbourg, former student of the College of Europe of Bruges. His research activities include the European Union’s energy policy, the concept of energy sovereignty and the internal energy market.


118 Review

Louis Navé Energy: The European Parliament and the Council amend a directive concerning common rules for the internal market in natural gas in order to extent its territorial scope to a section of a gas pipeline linking a Member State to a third country (Internal market in natural gas)


Le Parlement européen et le Conseil de l’Union européenne ont adopté le 17 avril 2019 la directive (UE) 2019/692, modifiant la directive 2009/73/CE concernant des règles communes pour le marché intérieur du gaz naturel. Cette modification permet d’appliquer les principes de mise en concurrence du (...)

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