Turkish Competition Authority (Ankara)

Turkish Competition Authority

Turkish Competition Authority (Ankara)

The goal of the Competition Authority, which is charged with enforcing the aforementioned Act, is to facilitate and protect competition in markets. In order to achieve this goal, the Competition Authority: (1)penalizes undertakings which distort or prevent competition in the market, through examination and investigation processes subject to detailed regulation,(2) grants exemption to and prepares secondary regulations for agreements which are in conflict with competition rules but are beneficial for the economy and the consumers, (3) prevents monopolization within the market by examining mergers, acquisitions and joint-ventures over a certain threshold, (4) in the privatization stage, examines the transfer of public undertakings to the private sector, and through privatization, reduces the effects of the state on the economy while preventing monopolization in the areas the public sector exits, (5) ensures the dominance of competitive conditions within the markets by sending opinions on various acts and regulations which would negatively affect or restrict competition in the markets to government institutions and organizations concerned.


102 Bulletin

Turkish Competition Authority The Turkish Competition Authority warns it will impose the most serious administrative fines on food sellers who charged excessive prices during the COVID-19 pandemic


PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT* It is observed that in our food market, especially in the market for fresh vegetables and fruits, there are extreme price increases in an opportunist manner nowadays, while we are facing with global COVID-19 outbreak. Being granted the power to protect consumer welfare (...)

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