Quentin Colombier

Bredin Prat (Paris)
Competition expert

Quentin Colombier, Competition/distribution law expert, is a member of the Competition and European Law team of Bredin Prat law firm. He takes an active part in handling the team’s cases, devoting a large part of his activity to in-depth research, with a focus on Contract law (domestic and international) and Distribution law. Quentin graduated from Nancy University (Master 2 Droit de l’entreprise et des affaires – Diplôme de Juriste Conseil d’Entreprise / DJCE) and from Montpellier University (Certificat d’études spécialisées, Droit économique). With a particular interest in the relationship between Competition law and Artificial Intelligence, Quentin is currently writing a Ph. D thesis concentrated on the relationship between Competition Law and digitalisation under the supervision of Professor David Bosco and Maître Yelena Trifounovitch, in parallel with his activity at Bredin Prat law firm (Cifre contract). His research project is: “Algorithmic collusion: contribution to the study of the relationship between digitalisation and Competition law”.

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160 Review

Olivier Billard, Quentin Colombier Interest to act: The French Supreme Administrative Court recognizes the interest in bringing proceedings of the social and economic committee [“CSE”] in merger control litigation (Mondadori / Rewold Media)


For the record, in its decision No. 19-DCC-141 of July 24, 2019 concerning the acquisition of exclusive control of Mondadori France by Reworld Media, the French Competition Authority ["the Authority"] authorized the acquisition of Mondadori France by Reworld Media subject to conditions. In the (...)

Olivier Billard, Quentin Colombier Commitments: The General Court of the European Union confirms the interpretation proposed by the European Commission of the slot release commitments for the operation of the London Heathrow - Philadelphia International Airport route given by an American airline company (American Airlines)


This case has the particular interest of illustrating concretely an aspect of merger litigation little explored by the case law, relating to the interpretation of behavioural commitments. Without going into the details of the argument, we will simply outline the essential elements. On 18 June (...)

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