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Pietro Crocioni

European Commission (Brussels)

Pietro Crocioni is currently working as an economist at DG Competition. He has over twenty years of experience in the field of competition and regulatory policies working both in agencies and economic consultancies. Prior to joining the European Commission, he was Director of Economics at Ofwat, the UK water regulatory and competition authority, a Senior Manager at PwC, a member of the Chief Economist Team at Ofcom, the UK communication regulatory and competition authority, was seconded to the UK Competition Commission, worked in economic consultancy and at the World Bank. His main sectoral focus has been on the communications sector, but it also covers other sectors such as energy, water, airline, local buses, rail, sport, cement, credit cards, beer, cruises, casinos, audit, online services, public procurement and computer maintenance. He holds a MSc. in Economics (Warwick University), an MA in International Relations (SAIS) and a BA in Economics (Bologna University). He has written extensively on competition and regulatory issues.

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Pietro Crocioni UK: Why not call a margin squeeze a margin squeeze?


At the end of October 2018, Ofcom issued its first abuse of dominance infringement decision and fine under the Competition Act 1998 against Royal Mail. Perhaps surprisingly, Ofcom did not examine the behaviour as either a margin squeeze or a refusal to supply, the types of cases one would (...)

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