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Philippe Corruble

Institut Catholique de Paris, Ince (Paris)
Lawyer (Partner)

Philippe Corruble is a graduate from the HEC Paris School of Management (Grande Ecole Program), and earned his Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Law the University of Lyon (Jean Moulin Lyon III). He has been in charge of the Master on international tax and law strategy and Dean of HEC Entrepreneurs program. He is visiting professor at HSG (University of Saint Gall, CH), has been visiting scholar at Harvard Law School. His major areas of interest are EU competition law, the EU political and legal integration process. EU Tax law and international contract law. His research has been published in several French and international academic journals. His current research and teaching activities are focused on the application of EU freedoms and EU competition law in international seaports and international maritime activities. He teaches EU competition law and other business law classes in the HEC SFJI(International Tax and Law Strategy) specialization, in the HEC MBA program and at the University of Saint Gall (CH). His current research focuses on the EU legal framework for international port management and maritime activities. He is currently a teacher at the Institut Catholique de Paris.

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Philippe Corruble The UK Competition Appeal Tribunal quashes the Competition Commission decision regarding maritime transport over the Channel highlighting contradictory analysis of mergers between National Competition Authorities (Eurotunnel / SeaFrance / MyFerryLink)


The control of the Channel remains an emphatically strategic subject of prime importance for England: the Eurotunnel ferries might well not be allowed to disembark at Dover in the future! At least that’s what the Competition Commission, the British competition authority (hereinafter referred to (...)

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