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Philip Lowe

Oxera (Brussels)
Senior Advisor

Sir Philip Lowe is Senior Advisor in the Public Affairs practice within the firm’s Strategic Communications segment. He is based out of Brussels. Sir Philip has had a distinguished career in government and business. Following a period in the manufacturing industry in the UK, he joined the European Commission in 1973, and held a range of senior positions as Chef de Cabinet and Director in the fields of regional development, agriculture, transport and administration, before becoming Director-General of Development in 1997. From September 2002 to February 2010, he was Director-General for Competition and after that, until the end of 2013, Director-General for Energy. From 2013 until the beginning of this year, Sir Philip served as a non-executive Board Member of the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority.

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493 Bulletin

Ingrida Pucinskaite-Kubik, Patrick Lindberg, Philip Lowe, William Webster The European Commission publishes results of its sector inquiry into gas and electricity addressing the issue of effective unbundling of energy transmission networks


"Effective unbundling of energy transmission networks: lessons from the Energy Sector Inquiry"* I. Introduction During the late 1990s, the European Union decided to fundamentally change the basis for the provision of electricity and gas from a monopolistic to a competitive market framework. (...)

21762 Review

Philip Lowe A Gap in the Enforcement of Article 82, Ioannis KOKKORIS


The European Commission has acknowledged and respected, in Regulation 1/2003, the ability of the Member States to apply stricter rules than Article 82. There are some types of conduct that cannot be addressed by Article 82 because the undertakings involved are not dominant. One relates to (...)

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