Peter Julian

Jones Day (San Francisco)
Lawyer (Associate)

Peter Julian’s practice focuses on representing companies in antitrust government investigations, enforcement actions, and private antitrust litigation. He has developed particular experience working on antitrust matters with technology clients. Peter also has experience in complex litigation, including briefing and motion practice, pretrial discovery, and trial preparation. During law school, Peter was a member of the Roderick MacArthur Justice Center Clinic, which litigates significant public interest issues, including challenging indefinite detention policies at Guantanamo Bay and representing the wrongfully convicted. Peter is coauthor of the article "Cy Pres Relief and the Pathologies of Modern Class Action: A Normative and Empirical Analysis," which was published in the Florida Law Review in January 2010, and author of the comment "Charles E. Clark and Simple Pleading: Against a ‘Formalism of Generality,’" which was published in the Northwestern University Law Review in September 2010.

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