Peter C. Carstensen

University of Wisconsin
Emeritus Professor of Law

Peter C. Carstensen is the Fred W & Vi Miller Chair in Law Emeritus at the University of Wisconsin Law School, and a Senior Fellow at the American Antitrust Institute. He has a BA from the University of Wisconsin, and an LLB at Yale where he also received a Master’s degree in economics. He joined the UW faculty in 1973 and received emeritus status in 2014. His scholarship and teaching have focused on antitrust law and competition policy issues, with a particular focus on issues involving competition policy in agriculture. He was one of the early scholars to examine the competitive policy analysis of buyer power. This work has resulted in his book, “Competition Policy and the Control of Buyer Power: A Global Issue” (2017). He was the co-chair of the drafting committee for the ABA Antitrust Section’s “Federal Statutory Exemptions from Antitrust Law”, Monograph 24 (2007) and the co-editor of “Competition Policy and Merger Analysis in Deregulated and Newly Competitive Industries” (2008).



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Alden F. Abbott, Robin Adelstein, Megan Browdie, Michael A. Carrier, Peter C. Carstensen, Samuel Clark, Lisl J. Dunlop, Harry First, Albert A. Foer, Eleanor M. Fox, Jacqueline Grise, Ryan Kantor, Donald C. Klawiter, John Kwoka, James Langenfeld, Tad Lipsky, Alessandro Massolo, Howard Morse, Gabriella Muscolo, James Bo Pearl, Noah Pinegar, Chris Ring, Christopher Sagers, Richard S. Taffet, Willard K. Tom, Eliot Turner, Doug Tween, Tommaso Valletti, Michael L. Weiner The new US antitrust administration


This Concurrences special set of articles focuses on antitrust law and enforcement in the aftermath of the American Presidential Elections. It questions the changes and challenges expected in 2021 under the new Biden administration, and its impacts with respect to antitrust legislation and (...)


Price 230€00 Albert A. Foer Liber Amicorum

At a time of reckoning for the future of antitrust, this Liber Amicorum brings together a diverse collection of today’s leading thinkers to pay tribute to Albert Allen (Bert) Foer, founder of the (...)

Date 14 October 2020
Author(s): Nicolas Charbit, Sonia Ahmad (Editors)
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