Pedro Gonzaga

OECD - Competition Division (Paris)
Competition expert

Pedro Gonzaga is a Competition Expert at the OECD Competition Division in Paris. In his current position he has been actively collaborating with the OECD Competition Committee in the analysis of competition law enforcement and market regulation, with a particular focus on the digital economy. In addition, Mr. Gonzaga has developed economic modelling, data analysis and literature reviews for several OECD projects that aimed at evaluating the benefits of competition policy, empowering countries with best-practices in competition law enforcement and assessing the competitive impact of market regulations. He has worked on topical antitrust areas, such as vertical mergers, vertical restraints in e-commerce, algorithmic collusion, personalised pricing, disruptive innovation, big data and multi-sided markets, as well as on traditional areas where competition typically plays a fundamental role, including consumer protection, public procurement and sectorial regulation of ports. Prior to joining the OECD in 2015, Mr. Gonzaga was a Post-Doctoral researcher with grant at University of Porto, Portugal, where he was involved in the analysis of pro-competitive policies to promote the process of innovation. He also developed theoretical and empirical research on collusion, which has been presented at several international conferences at universities of economics and law, competition research centres and competition authorities. He participated in a few consultancy projects in the financial sector and was a tutoring professor of industrial economics, microeconomics and game theory. Mr. Gonzaga has a PhD in Economics from University of Porto and has been awarded with several prizes and distinctions.

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