ELIG Gürkaynak Attorneys-at-Law (Istanbul)

Naz Topaloglu

ELIG Gürkaynak Attorneys-at-Law (Istanbul)
Lawyer (Associate)

Ms. Selvi Naz Topaloğlu is an associate at ELIG, Attorneys-at-Law, a leading law firm of 87 lawyers in Istanbul Turkey. Ms. Topaloğlu graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law in 2016, and was admitted to the Istanbul Bar in 2017. She is currently working at the “Regulatory and Compliance” department of ELIG, Attorneys-at-Law where she represents clients in all phases of the investigations held by the Turkish Competition Authority and advises clients in merger control filings in Turkey.

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ELIG Gürkaynak Attorneys-at-Law (Istanbul)


3525 Review

Gönenç Gürkaynak, Naz Topaloglu Turkey: Innovation-based analysis of mergers


Innovation can either be viewed by the competition authorities as a parameter that should be protected from the potential negative effects of a transaction, or it can be utilized by the merging parties as part of a defense argument to set off against or abate the anti-competitive concerns (...)

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