Nadia Calvino

Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (Madrid)
Minister for the Economy

Ms Nadia Calviño has been appointed Spanish Minister for the Economy in 2020. Previously, she was Director-General in the Directorate-General for Budget of the European Commission. She has officially taken up her position at the top of the Commission´s department dealing with the EU´s financial programming, annual budgets, accounting and financial rules on 5 May 2014. She oversees the activities of five directorates and almost 450 staff who work at Directorate-General for Budget. Previously, Ms Calviño was Deputy Director-General with a special responsibility for Financial Services in the Directorate-General for Internal Market and Services of the European Commission. She joined the European Commission in 2006 and she served as a Deputy Director General for Mergers and Antitrust (including cartels) in the Directorate General for Competition between 2006 and 2010. Before moving to Brussels, Ms Calviño worked as a civil servant in Spain, mainly at the Ministry of Economy. She is an economist and a lawyer by training.


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Alexander Gee, Bruno Lasserre, Charlotte Lousberg, Ian Forrester, Nadia Calvino, Nicolas Petit, Peter Freeman Sector inquiries: Complements or substitutes for antitrust enforcement? (New Frontiers of Antitrust Conference, 15th February 2010)


Enquêtes sectorielles : Complément ou substitut de l’action des autorités de concurrence ? Introduction générale Frédéric JENNY President, OECD Competition Committee President of the International board of the Review Concurrences Professor, Co-Director of the Centre Européen de Droit et d’Economie, (...)

Nadia Calvino, Stanislas Martin Nadia Calvino (DG COMP): The Mergers’ Lady


To begin with, can you tell us something about your background? How did you “fall” into competition law? What are the differences, if any, between doing merger control within a national competition authority and at the European Commission? You actively participated in the 2003 debate on the (...)


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See the "avant-propos" of Laurence Idot, Frédéric Jenny et Nicolas Charbit the Foreword of Martine Béhar-Touchais The full list of contributors and the Table of Contents 100 contributions for the (...)

Date 30 September 2014
Author(s): Martine Behar-Touchais, Nicolas Charbit, Rafael Amaro
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