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Mikael Treijner

Hausfeld (Berlin)
Lawyer (Associate)

Mikael Treijner is an associate with Hausfeld in Berlin, specialising in EU and German competition law and antitrust litigation. Mikael hails from Sweden and studied law in Stockholm (University of Stockholm) and in Berlin (Freie Universität). Before joining Hausfeld he worked for several international law firms in Berlin. Mikael is fluent in Swedish, German and English and has a good knowledge of Danish.


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59 Bulletin

Lisa Hamelmann, Mikael Treijner The EU Commission publishes draft guidelines intended to give national courts guidance in determining the extent to which overcharges based on infringements of Art. 101 and 102 of the TFEU have been passed on to indirect customers, including final consumers


Following the European Directive 2014/104/EU on damages actions for breaches of EU antitrust law (“Damages Directive”), which strengthens the right to compensation for indirect customers of the cartelists, the European Commission (“Commission”) published draft guidelines intended to give national (...)

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