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She helps clients traverse the regulatory environment to market and sell their products in Australia, and she is an asset to them if a dispute arises. She has over 10 years of experience assisting clients in negotiating the Australian regulatory environment, particularly in the technology, telecommunications, gaming and electronics, consumer products and food and beverage industries. She enjoys advising clients on launching and marketing their products. She regularly advises clients in relation to compliance with the Competition and Consumer Act and Australian Consumer Law, particularly with regards to consumer guarantees, as well as their obligations on product liability and recall issues. She works closely with business teams to ensure a deep understanding of product ranges to ensure compliance with Australian standards and regulations, including packaging and product compliance. She loves to hear what makes clients’ products exceptional and see her role as being one to help them communicate that more broadly. She regularly assists clients in undertaking trade promotions and advertising campaigns to ensure compliance with Australian law, including by drafting and negotiating distribution, sponsorship and talent agreements. She has previously worked in the in-house legal team of Australia’s national broadcaster and have undertaken a secondment with a key client of the firm. She draws on this experience to seamlessly integrate into business groups to provide pragmatic and practical advice with the aim of getting the best results. On the off chance that clients’ trade practices receive scrutiny from Australian regulators or their competitors, She utilises her extensive litigation experience as she has been involved in a number of high profile cases involving breaches of the Competition and Consumer Act. Her litigation experience includes a leading High Court case on misleading and deceptive conduct, a high-profile cartel conduct matter involving well-known global brands, as well as a matter involving the Australian Consumer Law provisions regarding statutory guarantees.

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130 Bulletin

Lynne Lewis, Megan Edwards, Tom Macken, Thomas Jones The Australian Competition Authority announces a re-focus of its 2020 compliance and enforcement priorities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic


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